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Reach 30 iReach Conversations points and convert to €15 in vouchers delivered to your door!

  • Earn points for each completed survey, or for taking part in online conversations, and more
  • Earn great prizes for making good suggestions or offering winning ideas
  • Improve your medal ranking and get even more opportunities to earn points, and show how much of an iReach Conversations expert you are!


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Earn even more points and prizes by improving your medal ranking!

When you have reached a minimum of 30 iReach Conversations points (the equivalent of €15), you can redeem your points for One4All vouchers (accepted at over 4,000 retailers in Ireland). Remember, every 2 points earned is worth €1. Find out where One4All vouchers can be used here.

When you wish to request a voucher, email with your name and address, and you will receive a response confirming your order. To keep track of your points, simply log in to iReach Conversations and your points total will be displayed near the top of the page after you log in.

Survey points will be added to your account within 3 weeks of the survey closing.