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Last Updated: Mar 10, 2023

This privacy statement ("Privacy Statement") describes the information collected by, (a proprietary community owned and managed by “iReach conversations Pvt Ltd) also referred as  ”we," or "our," including our affiliates and subsidiaries), how that information is collected, how it is  stored and used, and with whom it may be shared. By visiting current and future  website(s), application(s), and/or domain name(s) including its sub-domains and mobile-optimized  version (collectively, the "Site"), or by accessing any linked pages, features, content, products, services,  mobile properties, and mobile device applications, this policy is a legally binding agreement between and you, a user of our Services and/or visitor to our Site; and your acceptance of this  Policy occurs when you use the Services, visit the Site, or otherwise click on the "I accept" checkbox on  our registration page (or similar box or means). If you do not agree to the terms of this Policy, please  close this web tab and immediately discontinue your use of our Site and/or Services. The delivery,  access, and use of the Services (the "Customer Agreement") are governed by a separate agreement and/or terms and conditions, including the processing of any messages, files, or other content submitted  through Services accounts. This Policy shall be incorporated into the Customer Agreement by reference.  The organization (e.g., your employer or another entity or person) with whom you entered into the  Customer Agreement ("Customer") controls the terms governing the Services and any associated  Customer Data. Please contact the administrator of your account if you have any  questions about specific settings or privacy practices. This Privacy Statement does not apply to any  third-party applications or software that integrate with the Services (collectively, "Third Party Services"),  or to any other third-party products, services, or businesses. This Privacy Statement describes how collects and uses the following information: If you do not agree to the terms of this  Privacy Policy, you must refrain from accessing or using the Services. Please keep in mind that our  Services may be made available via or in conjunction with third-party mobile applications or websites.  This Privacy Policy applies only to your use of the Services, not to third-party applications or websites. 

Collection and Use of Personal Information may collect personal information from you voluntarily or from third parties who  have obtained your consent to share it. This information may include, but is not limited to, your name,  company, title, phone number, email address, phone number, mailing address, or other information you  provide. Participating in a survey or other type of research is entirely voluntary. Surveys and other  research conducted by's clients, partners, or other third parties, as well as the data  collected, are not covered by this Policy; however, if collects personal information in  connection with a third party's survey or research, such data collection is covered by this Policy. 

We use your information to operate, evaluate, and improve our business, including verifying your  identity, developing new products and services, managing our communications, analyzing our products,  and fulfilling incentive programmer. If you provide us with your name and contact information, we will  use it to respond to your requests, communicate with you about the services we provide, inform you  about new products and services (unless and until you opt out of receiving marketing information), and  deliver email updates, newsletters, or other communications to which you have subscribed. If you  participate in research, we may also collect self-reported demographic, firmographic, and other profile  information about you, such as your age, gender, education, profession, job title, political affiliation, and  consumer preferences and ownership, in addition to system metrics such as survey status (e.g., completion of survey, length of time spent in survey). We use this information to help us and our clients  make sense of your survey responses. Additionally, we use this information, in conjunction with data  derived from cookies, pixels, and other technologies, to ascertain your preferences for specific surveys,  advertisements, and other communications. 

Additionally, when you use our Site, we collect certain information automatically, including but not  limited to log files, your Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type, Internet Service Provider (ISP),  browser language, the date and time of your request, your operating system, referring/exiting pages,  clickstream data, and plug-in information. We use this information to analyze web traffic and survey  usage, to optimize survey platforms for various operating systems, to determine the respondent's  authenticity, to communicate insights to our clients, and to support and optimize Channel Watcher  videos. We also collect information about your browsing activity, such as the date and time you visited  our Site, the number of pages you viewed, the amount of time you spent on each page in seconds, and  the URL of any website you visited prior to and/or following your participation in one of our surveys or  other research programs. This information is used to optimize our website for various operating  systems, to increase user participation, and to support and optimize Channel Watcher videos. 

Any email communications sent to you regarding new products and services, as well as any email  updates, newsletters, or other communications to which you have subscribed, will include a link with  instructions on how to opt out of future communications of that type. To provide a high-quality user  experience, we collect a variety of personally identifiable information ("PII") about users of our Services.  "PII" refers to any information that can be used to identify or contact you, such as your name, address,  telephone number, or email address. You are responsible for the accuracy of all personally identifiable  information (PII) that you submit to us. Inaccurate information may impair your use of the Services  and/or our ability to contact you as described in this Policy. We treat the PII we collect as personal data  in accordance with applicable data protection laws. PII does not include "Aggregated Information,"  which is information or data that we collect anonymously, such as metadata about your use of the  Services, IP address logs, and device and location information. Aggregated Information assists us in  identifying trends, user needs, and other information that enables us to provide better Services and may  be used for any purpose. Other non-personally identifiable information about your use and interaction  with our Services may also be collected. "Non-personally identifiable information" refers to data that  cannot be used to determine a natural person's identity. Non-personally identifiable information is not  considered PII unless it is combined with or linked to personally identifiable information that you  provide to us. If you choose not to provide any required information, your only recourse is to close this  web tab, delete your account, and/or exits the Site. 

Sharing of Personal Information 

Without your approval, we shall never reveal your name, email address, mailing address, phone  number, or any other similarly identifiable information. However, we may share the additional  information specified above with our customers, such as your IP address, self-reported demographic  and firmographic information, and other information provided in your survey or research responses, in  order to improve our communication of research insights. We may share the following information  about you with third parties: I with your consent; (ii) with service providers who assist us in delivering  our services and running our business, subject to confidentiality agreements; (iii) as required by law or in  response to lawful requests by public authorities, including to meet national security or law  enforcement requirements; (iv) to protect you, our business, or third parties from harm, including but not limited to fraud and data breaches; and (v) to protect you, our business, or third parties from harm,  including but not limited to fraud and data security breaches. 

If we share your personal data with third-party service providers and/or sub-processors, we will: I  transfer such data for specific and limited purposes; (ii) require the sub-processor to provide at least the  same level of privacy protection as required by this Policy; and (iii) take reasonable and appropriate  steps to ensure that the sub-processor processes the personal data effectively; (iv) Require the sub processor to notify us if it decides that it can no longer maintain the same level of protection as required  by this Policy; and (v) take reasonable and acceptable steps to cease and remedy improper processing  upon notice. 

Protection of Personal Information employs commercially reasonable security measures in an effort to prevent the loss,  misuse, and alteration of information under our management. The security of information stored on or  transmitted over the Internet, however, cannot be guaranteed by us. Our data storage and transmission  systems are protected by a variety of security procedures and systems, which include encryption and  authentication technology licensed from third parties to ensure the secure transmission of confidential  information. Furthermore, we have no control over the security of any other websites that you may  visit, interact with, or conduct business with. Whenever we become aware of a security system breach,  we will attempt to notify you electronically so that you can take the necessary precautions. We may do  so by posting a notice on the Site, if a security breach has occurred, and/or sending an email to you at  the email address you have previously provided to us, for example. A legal right to receive written notice  of a security breach may exist in your area, depending on the laws in force there. You should notify us if  you would like to receive a free written notice of a security breach, or if you would like to withdraw your  consent from receiving electronic notice. 

Collection, Utilization, and Distribution 

You have the ability to opt out of having your personal information I disclosed to a third party or (ii) used  for a purpose materially different from the one(s) for which it was originally collected or subsequently  authorized by the individuals. Please contact us via email at if you wish to opt  out. In this case, you will have access to only public areas of the Site and may be restricted in your use of  the Site. Limiting the use and disclosure of your personal data may, in some cases, impair functionality  or prevent you from using Conclave products or services. 

Cookies and Tracking Devices 

We may use 'cookies' and similar technologies to track and collect data about your use of our Site and  Services. Cookies are small text files that our Site transfers to your computer and that enable us to  recognize you and collect information about how, when, and for how long you browse our Site's pages.  We, our affiliates, and authorized service providers may also use 'beacons,' which are small files, sometimes as small as a pixel in size, that are embedded within the pages of our Site. Beacons are used  to uniquely identify each of our pages so that our system tools can analyze them. Always remember that  you can configure your browser to reject cookies and beacons. Please visit for  additional information.

Third Party Services 


In addition, our Site and services may include hyperlinks to the websites of our commercial partners and  other third-party organizations. By clicking on such links, you consent to being redirected to such  websites. If you click on a third-party link, our Policy and Service terms will be superseded and you will  be browsing at your own risk. We are not responsible for such third parties' privacy and personal data  practices (including any tools, cookies, information, or content contained therein), and we have no  control over how such third parties collect, process, treat, or use your personal data. You are strongly  advised to review the privacy settings, policies, and/or notices applicable to such third party websites  and services before browsing or using them. 

Data and information concerning finances 

Payment processing platforms provided by third parties are used by us to accept payments. To complete  purchases and operations related to our services, these platforms will ask you to provide them with  sensitive personal data (such as credit card numbers, account usernames, and passwords) that they will  store on their servers. Those third-party payment processing platforms are governed by their own set of  safety standards, policies, and terms of service, which are outlined on their websites. We will not be  held liable for their operation, safety, or any other aspect of their operation. We strongly advise our  users to take precautionary measures to protect their financial information, both on the Site and  elsewhere, and to do so immediately after discovering a security breach. We will not collect or store any  of your financial information that is considered sensitive. 

Opting out & Advertising 

When you visit our Site or use our services, we may employ tracking codes from Google Analytics, Ad  Words, and/or AdSense, in addition to other third-party software tools (such as remarketing codes) to  gather marketing analytics about the pages you visit on our Site or when you take specific actions  through our services. These platforms may also make use of cookies, codes, and other technologies to  assist us in analyzing the patterns of our users. If you visit certain websites across the Internet, third party vendors may display's advertisements to you, even if you have left our Site, as  an example. The information gathered is anonym zed, which means that it cannot be traced back to  specific individuals. Google and other analytics tools help us learn how to optimize our websites and  serve ads based on previous visits, resulting in a better overall experience for you. Additionally, our  third-party vendors may employ cookies and web beacons in order to track your Internet browsing in  order to serve you advertisements based on what they or we believe will be of interest to you. Such  information will be processed for the purposes of evaluating your browsing activities as well as your  preferences as a consumer. As a result, by accessing and using this Site, you consent to the disclosure,  treatment, and storage of data and/or personal data about you by us or by third parties, including  without limitation, advertisers. If you do not want to receive this type of advertising from us or third  parties in the future, you have the option to opt out of receiving it now, in order to enforce and protect  your right to privacy. Visit Google's opt-out and privacy pages at, or the Network  Advertising Initiative website at, for more information on how to opt-out  of online behavioral advertising and targeted advertising. In addition, you have the option of configuring  your browser and operating system to control how other third parties serve advertisements to you.

Provisions for the Regional and International Markets 

Trans border Data Transfers  

If you provide us with information about yourself, we may access it and transfer it to our affiliates,  agents, partners, or third-party service providers in other countries. By providing us with this  information, you hereby consent to such access and transfer. If you are accessing our Site from a  country other than the United States, you should be aware that you are transferring your personal data  to the United States, and you hereby consent to such transfer to the United States or to any other  country in which we conduct business. If transfers personal data originating in the  European Union or Switzerland to a country that is not deemed adequate under applicable data  protection law, we will implement the following safeguards.

CCPA- California Consumer Privacy Act:- 

Effective January 1, 2020, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) allows California residents to  request from a business that collects personal information to give consumers access to and/or deletion  of the personal information collected. Terms used in this CCPA Notice but not defined here will have the  same meaning as defined under the CCPA. does not sell your personal information to third parties. discloses personal information for business purposes only. 

Our business purposes may include, for example, providing our Services, maintaining and servicing  accounts, providing customer service, processing or fulfilling orders and transactions, performing  analytics and quality control, auditing transactions, researching and testing features and improvements,  detecting and preventing fraud and security incidents, debugging or repairing technical errors, and a  variety of other activities. It is possible that will share or allow third parties to collect  personal information through our Services for business purposes, as described in our Your rights under  the CCPA section. In the event that you are a resident of California and use the Services, you have the  following rights. To obtain a list of the categories of personal information that the company has  collected about you, fill out this form. To obtain a list of the categories of personal information about  you that the company has disclosed to third parties for business purposes. You have the right to request  that the company delete the personal information that it has collected about you, subject to certain  legal exceptions. For example, when the personal information is necessary to complete a transaction  request or to comply with a legal obligation, may claim an exemption to deletion of  your personal information. The right to be protected from being discriminated against as a result of  exercising your CCPA protections. Discrimination against you for exercising your rights under the CCPA is  prohibited, including the following actions: (A) denying you goods or services; (B) charging you different  prices or rates for goods or services, including through the use of discounts or other benefits or  imposing penalties; (C) providing you with a different level or quality of goods or services; or (D)  suggesting that you will suffer adverse consequences as a result of exercising your rights under the  CCPA. Nothing prevents a business from charging a different price or providing a different level or  quality of service to customers if the difference is reasonably related to the value provided to the  customer by the consumer's personal information. expressly reserves the right to assert any and all legal exemptions that may be available under the CCPA. Please get in touch with us if  you require any additional information about this CCPA Notice or if you wish to submit a CCPA request. 

California Online Privacy Protection Act 

In accordance with the California Online Privacy Protection Act, we have posted this conspicuous Policy  to the public, identifying the personal data being collected, the manner in which it may be disclosed, and  with whom it may be shared. As a result, our users can visit our Site anonymously by clicking on the link  to this Policy on our home page, which includes the word "Privacy" or something similar. We also  comply with the requirement to notify our users of policy changes, and we provide mechanisms that  allow our users to manage their personal data and personal information on our website 

DPA- Data Protection Agreement 

To communicate with our Data Protection Officer, please email Individuals  located in certain countries, including the European Economic Area, have certain statutory rights in  relation to their personal data. Subject to any exemptions provided by law, you may have the right to  request access to your information, as well as to seek to update, delete or correct this information. To  the extent that’s processing of your personal data is subject to the General Data  Protection Regulation (GDPR), relies on its legitimate interests, described above, to  process your data. may also process information that constitutes your personal data  for direct marketing purposes, provided that you have a right to object to’s use of  your personal data for this purpose at any time. 

Restriction on Participation Based on Age 

People under the age of sixteen are not knowingly collected by, and no information  about them is collected (16). In consideration of your use of our Services and/or browsing the Site, you  hereby represent and warrant that I you are at least sixteen (16) years of age, if not older, as of the date  of your first access to the Site; and (ii) if you are a minor (which may vary depending on the jurisdiction  where you reside), you are accessing the Site under the direct supervision of your parent or legal  guardian. 

iReach conversations LLC 

Changes and Updates 

We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time. We will notify you of such changes by posting the  updated Privacy Policy on our Website. When we post changes to this Privacy Policy, we will revise the  "last updated" date found at the top of this Privacy Policy. We recommend that you check this Privacy  Policy periodically, to inform yourself of any changes to it. Your continued use of the Services after any  changes or revisions to this Privacy Policy become effective will indicate your agreement with the terms  of such revised Privacy Policy.

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